(Pocket-lint) - Professional bling specialist Crystal Rocked has followed up its range of Swarovski Crystal-adorned Beats Studio headsets with a set purposely designed for the more ostentatious of DJs. Its Beats by Dr Dre Beats Pro headphones come in either black or white and are 24ct gold plated.

Not for everyone - after all, they weigh in at £998, just shy of a grand - the gold-covered Beats Pro cans feature exactly the same audio properties as the conventional reference headphones. Underneath the plating the structure is kept lightweight and durable through an aluminium frame, while the ear cups can be flipped up in order to hear the room ambience when mixing.

There's no noise cancellation technology on board, with Beats favouring a clean sound with the DJ-centric headset, but as with most of the brand, bass is well looked after.

Crystal Rocked is listing both colours of the 24ct gold plated Beats Pro headphones as in stock at www.crystalrocked.com. And while you're there you might want to check out the customised new iPad covered in Swarovski crystals to go with a pair. Will only set you back another £1,199 (for the 16GB Wi-Fi version).

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Writing by Rik Henderson.