(Pocket-lint) - Beats by Dr Dre has teamed up with music producer and DJ David Guetta for a new set of headphones aimed at disc spinners. The Beats mixr headset has been designed entirely with DJs in mind, with a compact form factor and ear cups that can swivel 180 degrees for both portability and listening to the live audio while mixing.

Coming in October to the UK, the new headphones feature many of the audio properties of their stable mates, but take into account loud, high noise environments, such as a club, a recording studio or "on the street" (presumably in New York, where you can't hear yourself think sometimes).

David Guetta himself had major input with the headset's creation: "The process of creating the Beats mixr headphones was completely collaborative between me and Beats by Dr. Dre," he said.

"Our vision was to create the perfect world class headphone for DJs and music lovers alike and the outcome is truly amazing! I use headphones every day in the studio and every night at gigs, so I know how important the difference in quality is and want to share that.

"The sound is better than anything I’ve experienced before because it doesn’t distort no matter what volume I am playing music at. They’re easy to travel with because they’re so light and compact. I can’t wait to start using them when I’m DJing, creating music or just when I’m listening to music on the move."

The Beats mixr will be available in the UK in white or black at HMV for around £250.

Expect footballers to start wearing them soon.

Writing by Rik Henderson.