Here's a sight that no Liverpool fan will thank us for. But the Monster Beats by Dr Dre massive will be well chuffed. Whilst holding the Premier League trophy, Wayne Rooney has been snapped decked out in Beats by Dr Dre Studio headphones. He's also going to be using them to get into the zone before the Champions League Final on Saturday 28 May.

The set he has dangling around his beefy neck are the red (obviously) high definition powered isolation headphones that cost £279 and come with all manner of bumf and extras. They feature a detachable 1.3 metre headphone cable, a separate cable for use with phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry (with an in-line mic and answer button), a touring case, and a cleaning cloth.

What they don't come with is the untold amounts of chart R&B tracks that footballers seem to love so much these days. You'll have to provide those yourself.

Better still, treat yourself to some old school 80s' hip hop and find out what the 'phones are really capable of. Certainly, Dre would be proud.

The red edition of the Studio headset will be available in the UK from June. And they're so sought after and eagerly anticipated that there's been a thriving counterfeit market for them. Be careful if you see any listed on eBay at the moment (for much less than the official price) as they'll undoubtedly be fake.