Bang And Olufsen has used its expertise and quality audio technology to develop a Bluetooth headset with what it claims is "added clarity".

The headset, which promises to cut background noise, features audio technology able to filter out environmental noise. Two omni-directional microphones filter and suppress wind noise, giving the best voice transmission possible.

Bang and Olufsen always deliver quality although at a price, together with upmost style - the EarSet 2 features a loudspeaker which is a miniature closed cabinet loudspeaker unit, supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design.

The company uses its Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which monitors both the dynamic technical and tonal qualities of the signal in order to accurately reproduce the human voice, in each of the cells.

Bang & Olufsen never do anything half-hearted and have included a specially composed ringtone which has been composed for placement near the ear. The aluminium and soft-plastic device is three-way adjustable and features a short fold-old microphone arm.

The EarSet 2 is available now, we have no details on price yet.