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(Pocket-lint) - Bang and Olufsen has announced new 'Motion' versions of its E6 and E8 wireless earphones designed for exercise - they're water and sweat resistant. 

The Beoplay E6 Motion costs $300 or £275 while the Beoplay E8 Motion clocks in at $350 or £300. They'll be available from 23 May. As with the other models, the E6 Motion are neckband earphones while the E8 Motion are true wireless headphones.


We're fans of the existing E8s especially, so we're looking forward to trying out the new model in the gym and on a run or three. 

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Interestingly these new versions aren't more expensive than the standard models - unusual for fitness-orientated devices - but perhaps the older E6 and E8 earphones will get a price drop as a result. 

Bang OlufsenBang Olufsen debuts fitness versions of its E8 and E6 wireless earphones image 2

The E8 Motion earphones boast wireless charging when in the case just like the E8 2.0 earphones that were announced at CES 2019. Note that you're also able to charge them with a USB cable, you don't have to charge wirelessly. 

B&O is also introducing a $125/£110 wireless charging pad for them, but given the proliferation of Qi-compatible charging mats for a lot less, we wouldn't recommend buying that. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.