At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas everything seems to sparkle. Including Bang & Olufsen’s latest gold-finish BeoPlay H3 in-ear headphones. Very tasty.

Being the design brand it’s known to be, the B&O BeoPlay H3 was designed by Jakob Wagner, the Danish industrial designer. The new gold headphones will join the red, black and silver editions.

As well as exterior elegance the BeoPlay in-ears main focus is on audio quality. With a sound profile said to be authentic and clean - a custom-designed 10.8mm driver, a miniature bass port and internal cabinet combine to produce the audio - these are the glitzy in-ears to go for if you like your audio untouched and authentic.

But they'll leave your wallet bruised and battered as the 249 (£207) isn’t exactly small. But then what did you expect? This is B&O.