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(Pocket-lint) - Audio-Technica has launched two new wired gaming headsets for its range, offering gamers the chance to have either an open-back or closed-back experience depending on which they pick.

The ATH-GDL3 and ATH-GL3 are the two models, both available in black and white according to your taste, and the biggest difference between them is that change in character according to how they're built.

As audiophiles will already have guessed, the open-back ATH-GDL3 will offer a wider soundstage that's a little more precise and will make it easier to hear exact sounds - however, it'll also leak sound more to those around you, and won't isolate you as much while you play.


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That means it might not be ideal for those who sometimes have to game in less-than-silent surroundings. It's priced at £119.99/€139/$129, and is pictured at the top of this piece.

Audio-TechnicaAudio-Technica's new wired gaming headsets offer closed and open-back options photo 1

The ATH-GL3, by contrast, is closed-back and actually more affordable for it, clocking in at £99.99/€119/$99. It'll isolate you in the experience more, as most traditional gaming headsets tend to, but you will get a narrower stage as a result.


Both headsets pack 45mm drivers that are likely to be as impressive as most of Audio-Technica's products, and are within 10g of each other in weight terms; in terms of compatibilty they should work with anything that you can plug a 3.5mm cable into, meaning all the consoles are on the table as well as PC gaming.

The headsets have been popping up in a few other territories but should both be available to buy from today in the US and UK.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.