(Pocket-lint) - While catering for the majority of music listeners with a plethora of wireless headphones, Audio Technica has also produced a pair of audiophile-grade reference headphones for those who want to hear their music with exquisite detail.

Called the ATH-ADX5000 the new over-ears sport an open-back design, which gives the drivers more room to breathe for a more natural and accurate sound. But beware, it does mean sound will leak out, so they're best suited for home listening.

Audio Technica

They've been designed and built from the ground-up and a result, feature newly developed core mount technology and large, 58mm drivers with tungsten-coated diaphragms. The core mount technology holds the drivers in a specific place within the ear housings to help improve airflow.

The result, says Audio Technica, enhances the transparency of the mid and high frequencies, while bass levels are rich and precise.

The drivers sport an integrated design, which means coil, baffle and magnet are all housed within one single unit. This helps to minimise vibrations that would otherwise affect the sound quality and also means screws can be ditched to help save on weight.

A supplied 6N-OFC copper cable further helps to improve sound quality, while the Alcantara found on the headband and ear cups provides added comfort over longer listening sessions.

Audio Technica

The Audio Technica ATH-ADX5000 will be available from November for £1,990.

Writing by Max Langridge.