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(Pocket-lint) - Apple might not announce new headphones next week.

It is holding an event on 13 October to presumably announce the next iPhone as well as other hardware, such as the so-called AirPods Studio, a pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones that have been rumoured for months. However, the company's manufacturing partners reportedly won't have the headphones ready until the end of October, according to Jon Prosser.

Prosser is a known Apple Watcher and leaker who is often quoted in reports regarding what Apple is planning, though his record is mixed. Nevertheless, his anonymous sources are saying the mass production of the AirPods Studios won't be ready for the 13 October event.

"AirPods Studio mass production isn't complete until October 20th," Prosser tweeted, citing a person supposedly familiar with Apple's plans. "I suppose they could still announce them at the October 13th event and ship them at the end of this month or beginning of next."

The manufacturing timeline and process here is not specified, though the main takeaway is the AirPods Studio could still debut at next week's special event. But it could also be possible that they're "released via press release at the end of this month", Prosser said in a follow-up tweet. "Or pushed to the November event. Personally, I don't know which route they'll take for sure" he added. 

In other words, your guess is as good as his right now.

For more about the AirPods Studio, see our guide here.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 9 October 2020.