Unlike the Apple Watch, Apple's wireless earphones aren't just compatible with iOS devices. It's also possible to use Apple AirPods with an Android phone like a normal pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Here's how to connect your Apple AirPods to an Android device and the features they offer.


How to connect Apple AirPods to your Android device

Connecting the Apple AirPods to an Android phone works in the same way as connecting any device via Bluetooth.

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android device.
  2. Select Pair a New Device.
  3. Open the Apple AirPods case to enable pairing.
  4. When the AirPods appear, confirm pairing.
  5. If they don't appear, push and hold the button on the rear of the AirPods case until the LED light between the AirPods flashes. This puts the AirPods in pairing mode and you can repeat step 4.

Both the first generation and the second generation of Apple AirPods can be connected to an Android device, or another device, via Bluetooth.

What features do Apple AirPods offer when connected to an Android device?

Once connected, Apple AirPods function in the same way as other Bluetooth headphones. You'll get the following features:

  • Play and pause control by double tapping an AirPod whilst it's in your ear
  • Music and film audio
  • Call audio
  • Any other audio that would normally play through your phone's speakers

Unlike when connected to an iPhone however, call audio doesn't automatically transfer back to your phone if you take the AirPods out of your ears. The battery indicator for the AirPods won't appear on your Android device, so you'll need to make a mental note of how many hours you've been listening for so you know when to top up the charge.

Alternatively, there is an app called Assistant Trigger that you can download from the Google Play Store. This will show the AirPods' battery on your phone, as well as allow you to double tap an AirPod to launch Google Assistant or Bixby.

So, if you do want AirPods with your Android phone, there's nothing to stop you using them. However, you might also be tempted by the Samsung Galaxy Buds.