(Pocket-lint) - Along with the new AirPods 2, Apple has announced a Wireless Charging Case, which can be bought as part of the package for £199.

However, if you already have a pair of the original AirPods and don't fancy upgrading, the company has also released the case separately and it is compatible with your first-gen earphones.

The AirPods Wireless Charging Case costs £79 when purchased alone. It is available now and can be purchased in an Apple retail store or online.


It is similar to the Charging Case that originally came with the AirPods, but while that required a wired connection, you can simply drop the new version onto a Qi charging mat to refill its internal battery.

The case itself charges your AirPods when they are inserted and can store more than 24 hours worth of listening and talktime for your earphones.

An LED light indicator on the front shows the charge status at a glance.

It also works with the AirPods 2, of course, so if you choose to purchase the cheaper wired option initially, you can upgrade to wireless at a later date.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.