(Pocket-lint) - We already knew that AirPods 2 would be coming soon, but now we've heard new rumours that they'll launch alongside the much-delayed AirPower charging mat in the Spring.

In fact, the new gear could well be with us next month. 

AirPods 2 will apparently look very similar to their predecessors but they'll have better bass response, Bluetooth 5.0 LE and health-tracking sensors. According to the leaker, reported on by MySmartPrice, the new earphones may also have a new coating for improved grip. As someone who has dropped an AirPod to see it slide down the aisle of a bus, that would be very welcome.

We already knew about the Bluetooth information from the certification process - all new Bluetooth devices receive this certification, which appears online. 

The source quotes a price point of around $200 USD (which probably means £199 in the UK), around $40/£40 more expensive than the original AirPods. Apparently they will also be available in black as well as white - a darker option will be very welcome, though we were thinking more space grey rather than gloss black. 

However, it doesn't sound like there will be a fitness-orientated sweat, splash or waterproof version as well as previously reported, while battery life of AirPods 2 will remain broadly the same. Interestingly, the source says the capacity of the battery case will be slightly less because of the wireless charging capability. It's not yet clear whether they will be compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. 

As for AirPower, the troubled development process has apparently led to a slightly-thicker mat that will retail for around $150, a price point that has long been rumoured. We look forward to hearing more in the coming weeks.

Writing by Dan Grabham.