It's not unusual for Apple to update its devices on an annual basis, and with that said, it looks like we can expect a new AirPods case soon.

The company released a new beta version of iOS 12 and seems to have an included a look at the next AirPods case. In the beta, there were images of an AirPods case with a status indicator light, as spotted by 9to5Mac. In some of the images, the dot appears brown, but in other ones, the dot is noticeably more green. The current case does not have this light.

It's assumed the status indicator light represents when the battery is full or currently being charged. Now, here's the thing: Apple's upcoming AirPower mat will be AirPod compatible. We know this because of Apple's own AirPower image that it released last September 2017, when it first talked about AirPower alongside the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

That means we will definitely have a new case, because the current unit isn't compatible with wireless charging. We’ll probably hear more about it during Apple’s annual autumn hardware event. For more details about what we expect from the next AirPods, see our guide here.