It’s rare for Apple products to be discounted, so when they are, it’s well worth snapping them up before the deal expires.

Thats why O2’s current offer of 2 per cent off all accessories, meaning you can get a set of Apple AirPods for £127.20, is one not to be missed. 

The AirPods were one of the first set of truly wireless headphones on the market, introducing Apple’s W1 chip which allows them to instantly connect to any Apple device. Once you pair them with an iPhone for example, they will instantly connect to any other Apple device you have that’s signed in with the same Apple ID.

They would usually cost £159, not a huge amount for a set of headphones, but you can get other wire-free for in-ears for similar money, or a fantastic pair of Sonys for £30 more. 

O2’s asking price or £127.20 therefore represents a proper bargain. They come supplied with a case that doubles up as a charger, so when the AirPods get through their five hour playback time, you can keep them going for another 19 hours.