Apple may release a new set of AirPods in 2019 with noise-cancelling, at least that's according to Barclays analysts.

The company's latest report says Apple will use physical analogue methods, as opposed to active noise cancellation, so we wouldn't expect them to be as effective as other noise-cancelling in-ear headphones, from the likes of Sony and Bose. However these pairs are around double the price of the current AirPods, and we'd expect Apple would want to stick somewhere around the £159 price tag for the new model.

Barclays adds that demand for the AirPods is still high and predicts Apple to sell around 30 million units this year, and suggests Apple could cut the price of the current model, in the build-up to a new pair being released.

The report doesn't mention anything about water-resistance featuring in the new pair, something Bloomberg has said will be the case. The two reports could be merged together in the sense that if Apple does feature water-resistance, extra seals will be added, which could provide improved noise-isolation from the outside world.

As ever, we'll wait until we get official information before saying what Apple will do with the next set of AirPods. Until then, we know we can expect a new wireless charging case for the current model, and we may even see a new pair with "Hey, Siri" voice control later this year