(Pocket-lint) - Just when we thought we might not see Apple's wireless AirPods before Christmas, the tech giant has come out and said they're now available to pre-order, with units arriving in stores and online from next week.

The AirPods were announced on stage alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, and were said to be available to buy from late October. That date never came and Tim Cook was forced to tell customers that Apple needed "a little more time" before the AirPods would be ready for customers.

Thankfully, the £159 wireless in ears can be yours or a gift for a loved one in time for Christmas.

The AirPods have no interconnecting cable but instead connect to each other via Bluetooth and can automatically connect to any of your iDevices when they're placed in the charging case and then near your iPhone or iPad. Once you have connected, the AirPods can connect to any of your other devices registered with iCloud automatically.

The design of them could cause many to be worried that they'd fall out on a run or walking around, but from our time with them we encountered no such problems. They fit snugly, sounded good and we loved the intuitive features enabled by the W1 chip, such as pausing music when you take one of the earphones out.

You can buy a pair of AirPods from Apple's website now for £159, with a delivery date set for Monday 19 December.

Writing by Max Langridge.