Contrary to what Apple first said, the AirPods won't launch this month.

When Apple unveiled its wireless AirPods in September, it said they would be available in late October. The world therefore expected Apple to announce during its 27 October event an actual release date for the earbuds - maybe the company would even launch them after the event. 


Apple has confirmed to TechCrunch and CNET that it is delaying the launch of its first pair of wireless headphones. In a statement, Apple said it needs "a little more time before AirPods are ready" for customers. Although it didn't provide a new release date for the £159 headphones, Apple explained it doesn't "believe in shipping a product before it’s ready". Such an Apple thing to say.

We're not sure why Apple has delayed the product. It could be a technical issue, but that's just speculation. It's not common for the company to delay launching products, so this news definitely has the rumour mill fired up. For more details on what Apple might actually unveil during its "Hello Again" event, such as the new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel, check out this round-up.

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