(Pocket-lint) - Apple's next generation of EarPod headphones could feature accelerometers that help detect voice input more accurately. They will be smart enough to detect vibrations in the user's bone or tissue that result from talking.

The upgraded EarPods have appeared in a patent application on the USPTO, filed by Apple. It details EarPods that have on-board accelerometers which can detect bone or tissue vibrations from the user's voice. This allows it to activate the onboard microphones to save battery when not in use.

This is the same tech found in Jawbone headsets – and is actually where that name came from as the headsets sit on the jawbone so as to detect vibrations from speech.

The patent also stipulates the upgraded EarPods could feature a noise suppression system for clearer voice recognition. This system would work by using dual mics to record ambient noise and spoken words in order to clearly separate the two. Presumably this would also work like active noise cancellation to allow for a clearer music listening experience.

The technology being written about in the patent isn't new but it would be the first time Apple has utilised all these methods in earphones.

Perhaps, with Apple's WWDC announced for 2 June, we could hear about these new EarPods as soon as this summer.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.