(Pocket-lint) - A new report has described an upcoming Alexa feature that suggests the Echo Buds can track workouts.

Amazon launched its $130/£120 earbuds in October. It now reportedly plans to add a fitness-tracking feature to them via a software update. Amazon has not never mentioned that its earbuds could track health or fitness, but CNBC said it "discovered" a Track Workouts feature on a "test unit" of Echo Buds (that Amazon sent the publication). The feature appears to be in the "testing phase".

CNBC paired the review unit Echo Buds to an Amazon Fire HD 10 to listen to music, and while using the Alexa app on the tablet, it saw - where you would manage equaliser settings for the Echo Buds - a new Fitness section. CNBC claimed it couldn't yet track workouts; however, the app specifically showed an option to track a workout, plus a fitness profile, and a Workouts heading.

Under Workouts, the app suggested a user start tracking a workout by saying, “Alexa, start a workout." CNBC did just that and then walked around, at which point the app appeared to have tracked their steps, as it said the following: “You’ve worked out for 1 minute and 37 seconds. You’ve logged 0.04 miles with an average pace of 44 minutes and 13 seconds per mile. You took 114 steps.”

In other words, the Echo Buds can be step trackers and this feature could come soon! We've contacted Amazon and will let you know if we learn more.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.