(Pocket-lint) - The flyers and commuters among you will know that noises can get interfere with your music, when all you want to do is sit back and listen to your favourite album in peace.

AKG is all too aware of this problem, but believes it has the ideal solution in the N60 NC Wireless on-ear headphones and N20 NC in-ear headphones, officially unveiled at CES 2017.

AKG already has the N60 NC as a wired model, but for even more convenience and portability, has ditched the cable in favour of Bluetooth. However, AKG says that even though the cable has gone, the sound quality of the wired model hasn't.

The N60 NCs feature Active Noise Cancelling technology, which lets you control the amount of outside you want to let in. If you're on a plane, you'll likely want to block out all sounds, but if you're cycling for example, you'll want to be aware of traffic around you.

The £250 you'll need to spend on the N60 NC Wireless headphones doesn't just go on the noise cancelling tech either, as they're wrapped in a mixture of leather, aluminium and memory foam for extra comfort.

Comfort is key too, as the N60 NCs claim a 30 hour battery life, more than enough for any long-haul flight, so you'll want a pair of headphones that you're happy to leave on for extended periods. The AKG N60 NC Wireless will be available from April.

If on-ear headphones aren't your thing but you still want noise-cancellation, the N20 NCs may be of interest. They're the latest addition to AKG's travel series of headphones and claim to deliver "best-in-class active noise cancellation". They're a wired pair, but still need to have a rechargeable module to take care of noise cancellation duties, which is good for 20 hours.

The AKG N20 NC in-ear headphones will be available from summer 2017 for £170.

Writing by Max Langridge.