In the world of ultra premium technology, that only a select few can afford to enjoy, there are two distinct categories that traditionally are capable of breaking the bank: audio equipment and cameras. 

Of the former the AKG K3003s are amongst some of the most expensive money can buy. The kind of audio quality associated with a £1000 set of headphones is slightly difficult to comprehend and without sticking a set into our ears we can't ourselves quite imagine what that kind of cash will get you. 

The headphones are entirely hand crafted and each have their own unique serial numbers to emphasise that top of the line feel.

On the audio technology front the headphones feature one dynamic and two balanced armature drivers, all designed to give the best three way earphone sound possible.

The actual headphones themselves are made from brushed stainless steel and have a refined cable to fight tangles and improve audio. They also come in a crafted leather case. 

For £1000 you really do want something special and this is where the K3003's personalised tuning system comes in. The idea is that you can hear three different sound frequencies coming into your ear, boosting or lowering treble or bass.

Such is the AKG's exclusivity that they are currently on sale at Parisian fashion store Colette, in the ultra trendy part of the city. Unfortunately, us, uncool UK residents, will have to wait to get our hands on the K3003s, which are set for launch "soon" according to AKG. 

£1000 headphones? Yes or no?