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(Pocket-lint) - Monster has partnered with Adidas to bring the sports brand's iconic Adidas Original style and branding to a new line-up of headphones.

Adidas Originals has long been associated with street cool and retro sportswear, including the track jackets and clothing worn by bands such as The Stone Roses and many hip hop artists - Run DMC were particularly associated in the 80s. Now the trademark three stripes will feature on over-sear and in-ear headphones too.

The first products from the line will start to appear in February.

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"We are honoured to have been chosen by Adidas to create this new line of products," said Noel Lee, the head monster.

"Adidas like Monster has a strong heritage in style and technology. In fact, we have many parallels. Both companies were founded entrepreneurially with a singular focus on creativity, innovation and style."

Monster has been increasingly signing interesting brands to partner with in order to fill the hole left by Beats by Dre when that collaboration ended in early 2012. Some of the tie-in products the audio firm has since announced include the Octagon headphones inspired by the UFC.

Adidas had previously partnered with rival manufacturer Sennheiser for its Originals range.

Writing by Rik Henderson.