Plantronics has unveiled its Discovery 975 Bluetooth headset, which is an upgrade of last year's Discovery 925. As you might recall, if you're a bit of a Bluetooth headset connoisseur, the 925 had a case for the headset that actually charged the device while it was stowed in it.

The case has returned, and it sits in the feature list alongside three different ways that the headset reduces external noise like wind and traffic. For starters, there's a physical barrier - a layer of Goretex fabric protects the microphone - allowing voices through but not wind. Secondly, there's a whole series of algorithms that detect and destroy certain frequencies that are known to be associated with noise.

Lastly, the company has crammed a full 20-band equaliser into the headset to enable its audioIQ2 noise cancelling tech, which works like traditional noise cancelling products to generate the opposite waveform in the sound - blanking out unwanted noise.

The headset also comes with a voice that'll warn you when something bad happens - when you get out of range of your phone, when you're low on battery, and when you mute the handset on and off.

Battery life is rated at 5 hours of talktime and there's a further 10 hours stowed in the case, taking it to 15 hours total. The Discovery 975 costs £80 and will be available from Apple stores and online on 7 October.