Klipsch has announced that it's launching a set of budget earphones to appeal to slim wallets. The Image S2s are available in either a normal version, or a version with an inline microphone/control for the iPhone/iPod touch.

The company's marketing director, Dom Inmon, confirmed our slim-wallet hypothesis, saying: "People have less discretionary income these days. Therefore, we felt it was necessary to develop reasonably priced, high-performance headphones that go above and beyond what you'd expect from the stock earbuds that come with your MP3 player".

Klipsch's headphones don't have circular buds - they're oval shaped - which it says reduces fatigue over long-term wearing because it doesn't put stress on aural pressure points. "Once you have the right fit and seal, these headphones are virtually impossible to feel - letting you listen longer and better", said the company.

The Image S2s cost £40, and the version with the controller is called the Klipsch S2m. The addition of the microphone will cost you an extra 20 quid, so they retail for £60.