We brought you news of this launch previously, but can now reveal pricing, availability - and an image - of the new Radiopaq Sound Jacket.

Part of Radiopaq's "Intelligent Audio" product range, the Sound Jacket, is designed for use with the 4th generation iPod nano and claims to "significantly improve" the audio quality of MP3 music tracks.

In fact, Radiopaq boasts it can improve sound quality by up to 60% by eliminating distortion and revealing hidden detail in the music lost during MP3 compression.

Radiopaq explains that the Sound Jacket acts like a graphic equalizer but automatically adjusts itself continuously to best suit the music that is being played.

Up 2 hours from the original boast, Radiopaq says an iPod nano hooked up to the Sound Jacket - that has no power source of its own - will offer playback for 12 hours of audio.

The Sound Jacket retails for £69.99 and is available now to pre-order from Amazon and from Radiopaq.com.