Orange Amplification, not to be confused with the phone network, has upgraded and relaunched its iconic range of Crush PiX guitar amplifiers. Eight models will be available in the new range, from 12W to 100W, putting them firmly in the hands of home users.

Most of the upgrades revolve around the power of the amplifiers, with all but one getting between 2 and 15 extra watts of oomph. The 20W and 35W models also include a built in guitar tuner and digital F/X.

The amps rated at 50W and above also have an auxiliary input, for plugging in and jamming along to an MP3 or CD player. The top end - the CR100 BXT - has a 15-inch speaker, tuner and MP3 input, too.

The new amps will be debuted in the US, but will be arriving on these shores later this year. For pricing, you're going to have to ask your local guitar shop.