High-end audio manufacturer Klipsch has just announced its newest headphone design - the Image S4.

At £70, these headphones cost a fair bit less than other Klipsch headphones, which range from £80 to £230. However, the Image S4s retain the same oval-shaped tips (which claim to offer better noise isolation) as their predecessors.

“Once you have the right fit and seal, these earphones are virtually impossible to feel - letting you listen longer and better”, said Mark Blanchard, senior acoustic design engineer for Klipsch and inventor of the company’s oval ear tips.

The Image S4s have a 10Hz - 19KHz frequency response, meaning they should deliver a decent bass sound. There's a 110db sensitivity and 18 ohms of impedence.

They come with three sets of different-sized ear tips and a steel carrying case. Yours for £70, available now.