Aliph, the creator of the Jawbone headset, is rather proud of the Jawbone Prime, the third iteration in its popular and award-winning series of Bluetooth headsets.

Alexander Asseily, co-founder of Aliph says about it: "the noise suppression provided by the Jawbone Prime is second-to-none".

Originally developed for military use, Jawbone's "NoiseAssassin" technology focuses on extreme noise situations and in wind. It's relatively easy to suppress traffic noise, or the sound of a cafe, but wind is much tougher due to the dynamic nature of turbulence in the atmosphere.

But the company claims that it can handle up to 10mph of wind, and still deliver nine decibels of noise suppression. That's ten times better than before, says the company. It's mostly thanks to improvements in the noise cancelling algorithms, but also due to a new sensor which presses gently against your cheek.

The Jawbone prime is available in four bright colours - red, yellow, green and purple, and three more muted - black, brown and platinum. It costs £89, and it'll be available from 1 June from Apple and Carphone Warehouse stores.