Yamaha has announced the worldwide launch of four iPod and iPhone-compatible products. Two are traditional docks, and two are clock-radios.

Dealing with the clock radios first, the TSX-120 contains a DAB and FM radio, along with an iPod dock. There's a mini-jack slot to plug in other audio sources, too.

The TSX-130 also contains DAB, FM and a dock, but adds a CD player and USB connectivity for other MP3 players capable of mass storage functionality. It can play back MP3 and WMA tracks, as well as Apple's formats. It features 30W output, and large 8cm speakers.

The PDX-30 and PDX-50 devices are more traditional docks. The PDX-30 features a familiar dock space on the top, but the PDX-50 doesn't.

Instead it uses Yamaha's "Air-Wired" technology to wirelessly stream uncompressed data from a separate docking station. The company claims that there's no audible time-lag in that transfer, so you should be able to play games and watch video using the device.

The PDX-30 costs £130, and the PDX-50 is £200. The TSX-120 costs £300, whereas the TSX-130 costs £350.