Etymotic Research, a company that creates custom headphones for music fans, has announced that it is launching a custom fitting service to allow users to get earphones that perfectly fit them.

The hf2 custom fit headset will be available from the Apple store on London's Regent Street and gives consumers the chance to experience a combination of fidelity, noise isolation and comfort say the company.

Users buying the earphones, which cost £99.99, will then be able to go to one of 300 approved ear impression outlets to get their custom moulding for a further £90.

Following a 15-minute appointment, which sees your ears pumped with a blue silicon, the moulds are then sent away and a few weeks later a mould of your inner ear canal is sent back to you.

“People are listening to their iPhones and iPods more often and for longer periods of time”, said Michael Shaver at Etymotics.

“Most Etymotic customers can achieve a comfortable fit with the array of ear tips we include with our products, but the hf2 custom fit delivers the same level of comfort that performing musicians require during live performances".

The earphones will be available to buy from the end of this month.