Radiopaq, the company behind the internet radio station website, has branched out to create a new range of headphones that promise the perfect sound for people into different music genres.

The new earphones, called the Custom Tuned Earphones, will offer Classical, Jazz, Pop and Rock fans an optimised sound based on that music genre.

Worried that music fans are having to put up with a "one-size-fits-all" mentality, the mechanically tuned individual headphones will produce a different sound to make the most of the music that is playing.

Radiopaq therefore says that the Rock offering will provide a warm sound with a tightly controlled bass, while the Jazz offering will give rhythm, pace and a perfectly recreated soundstage. Classical promises 25% more detail in the mid to high-end range than standard earphones while Pop will give you a strong vocal, balanced with up to 30% more detailed mid range.

Those worried about listening to Punk on the Classical earphone set shouldn't be.

"It's like a Ferrari; It might be best suited to the race track but it's still a great drive on the road", John Whitehead technology manager at the company told Pocket-lint.

Users will also get three sizes of ear cushion to choose from and the headphones will be available for £59 from the usual places on the highstreet and online.