Plantronics has announced its first range of Unified Communications wireless headsets, devices that you can use with your desk phone, mobile phone, for PC-to-PC calls and for PC-to-phone calls.

The Plantronics Savi series promises “communication versatility” combined with “superior audio and reliability”, and is primarily aimed at workforces looking to cut costs.

The range currently features two wireless headset systems – Savi Office and Savi Go.

Savi Office is designed for office workers and provides a single wireless headset for mixing desk phone calls with PC audio and softphone calls, at up to 350-feet away from the desk.

Savi Go on the other hand, gives mobile professionals a wireless headset to connect to PC and mobile phone communications. It includes a plug-and-play Bluetooth USB adapter that allows for up to 200 feet of range, and also features A2DP for wireless stereo streaming.

The Savi Go will be available in two versions - optimized for
Microsoft®Office Communicator 2007, and enhanced for other Unified
Communications platforms.

Both products support popular services such as Google Talk and Skype, feature noise-cancelling technology and come with PerSono Suite software, which allows users to manage calls and audio with one-click.

Both Plantronics Savi Office and Savi Go will be available starting from this spring. Head over to the Plantronics website for more information on both headsets.