Ultrasone has launched the "world's finest" special edition headphones, priced up at a wallet-stinging $1499 (around £1000).

As an update on the Edition 9 headphones released in 2006, the Edition 8 range is a black and silver closed-back headphone that employs Ultrasone's latest S-Logic Plus technology.

This, according to the company, allows the listener an even greater "spacious tonal perception" than before, reducing sound pressure while maintaining enhanced audio quality.

To ensure superior sound isolation, the interior ear cups are padded in Ethiopian sheepskin, while the outer ear cups are covered in durable metal, Ruthenium.

Finally, the inclusion of MU-Metal shielding means the amount of radiation directed to the listener compared to conventional headphones is reduced upto 98%.

Each Edition 8 set of headphones comes individually stamped with its own serial number in a leather bag for storage. They are limited edition, so if you've got a spare $1499 to spend on a pair of high-end headphones, head over to the Ultrasone website for full details.