Ultrasone has launched a new range of premium, scientifically designed headphones that use "natural sound technology" to help prevent hearing damage.

The S-Logic HFI headphones push sound around your ear using "decentralised driver positioning". This will make it seem like you are listening to a speaker a few metres away, reducing sound pressure by up to 3-4db, while still maintaining an "outstanding level of sound".

Ultrasone's HFI range is also designed with Ultra-Low-Emission (ULE) which produces a low-frequency magnetic field, as well as MU Metal - a metal shielding designed to reduce magnetic radiation by up to 98% compared to current headphones.

The S-Logic HFI range is the smallest, most lightweight range from Ultrasone to date.

The line-up starts from £79.99 and includes six different models, namely the HFI 15G, HFI 450, HFI 580, HFI 680, HFI 780 and HFI 2200. They are available now.