Jays has announced the launch of the c-JAYS in the UK, the earphone company's first external headphones.

Boasting "superb design" and "exceptional comfort and audio quality", the C-JAYS extending arms are made from tough glassfibre-reinforced nylon and are fold-up-able for easy portability.

The c-JAYS get Jay's Elastic Multi Layer membrane that claims to deliver crystal-sharp, balanced audio with detailed highs, full-bodied mids, and extended base as well as a new type of cable, SGSCC (Single Crystal Copper) that is said to minimise distortion.

Complete with a carry case, Jays also throws in three different types of foam ear cushions, two cables (standard 60cm and 70cm), iPhone and Sony Playstation plugs, an airline adapter and a 6.3mm gold-plated adapter for static hi-fi systems.

With an RRP of £79.99, c-JAYS are available in black and white - call AdvantageAV for stockist info on 0844 264 0300.