American audio experts Klipsch are making their way to the UK, and have unveiled a new set of earphones to mark the occasion.

The company prides itself on producing "the world’s smallest, lightest full-range earphone designs".

The new X5 earphones are, however, "slightly larger" in that they are 2mm larger in diameter than their predecessor, the Image X10 earphones.

According to Tony Ostrom, Klipsch director of product marketing, this makes the X5 easier and slightly less expensive to manufacture, so they're cheaper.

The X5 earphones inherit the translucent patent-pending contour ear gels from the X10, are designed to fit comfortably inside the human ear canal, and are supposed to reduce ear fatigue.

The X5 earphones also come with five different-sized ear gels.

The main difference between the X5 and X10 models is that the new earphones use a balanced full-range armature driver with a tuned bass-reflex system whereas the X10 are designed for people who like a lot of bass in their music.

They cost £129.99 and will be available from late November.

In separate news, Klipsch has reduced the prices of its iPod speaker systems and earphones, and Amazon is to offer discounts on top of these.

Check out Klipsch's website for details.