Plantronics has launched the Gamecom 777 headset featuring Dolby Headphone technology.

Plantronics says the Gamecom 777 gives gamers "an audio advantage, creating realistic, cinematic 5.1 surround sound, enabling them to accurately pinpoint enemies and obstacles even before they appear on screen".

The Dolby tech appears in the form of Dolby Headphone and Pro Logic II technology that is housed in a plug-and-play USB sound card that digitally separates (front, rear and centre) and amplifies multiple speakers for 360-degree audio that processes stereo audio into five channels of full-bandwidth surround sound

Features include a noise-cancelling microphone, designed specifically for online multiplayer games although there is also an open ear design for communication with those in the room too.

The Gamecom 777 headset also features in-line controls, a stow-able microphone boom and will be available in September for £79.99.