Radiopaq, the website that offers a catalogue of internet radio stations from its website, is hoping to break away from the computer with the launch of a dedicated internet radio for its listeners.

Called the Radiopaq Rp5, the radio, which Radiopaq believes is the first in the world, will, with the aid of a wireless connection, allow users to search out music by name, genre, country or language from the site and then play without having been anywhere near a computer.

The Rp5 will also feature an "info" button that promises to tell you everything you need to know. If that wasn't enough Radiopaq claim the synchronisation between the Rp5 and is almost instant.

Failing the DAB and internet connectivity there is of course an FM receiver on-board and of course the the ability to connect an MP3 player via USB.

The Radiopaq Rp5 costs £250 and will be in stores in September.

Pocket-lint will be at the official launch later today.