A US company, Innovelis, has lanched "BudFits", the first product to prevent iPod and iPhone earbuds from falling out during physical activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, running, cycling, and other types of exercise.

Constructed of soft, flexible rubber, BudFits snap onto Apple earbuds and then wrap over the top of the ear to ensure iPod and iPhone earbuds will not fall out.

The claim is they also make the experience for users more comfortable by eliminating the need to wedge earbuds in too deep in order to keep them in place.

BudFits are said to quickly snap onto earbuds to provide extra support and comfort, yet they can be easily removed for times when extra support and comfort is not necessary.

A graduate of Stanford University's master's programme in Mechanical Engineering, Innovelis CEO Eric Wengreen first conceived the idea of BudFits during a morning run.

BudFits are available at Amazon.com from $8.99.