The latest launch from Avanquest is a new software package that allows you to retrieve music from internet radio stations, downloading files directly to a PC in MP3 format.

Platinum 4 legally retrieves music from internet radio stations, after searching over 15,000 web radio stations.

Its "MusicFinder" wish list allows users to select their desired tracks from a self-updating catalogue of over 100,000 artists.

Radiotracker Platinum 4 will then target the stations that play the desired tracks and deliver them automatically to a PC.

The package will also "harvest" audio and video podcasts from around the world.

To help users organise their choices, the package includes a station management control panel, which sorts radio stations with a list of favourites and a blacklist, targeting the channels that play the best music and excluding the worst to limit the amount of unwanted downloads.

"The sound studio automatically edits the tracks to exclude adverts and dialogue, ensuring the final download is purely music", adds the developer.

Tracks are organised by artist or genre, and album cover artwork, song lyrics, images and ID3 tags are automatically located so that each file is downloaded with all its accompanying information.

Avanquest adds that all downloads can be synchronised to mobile music devices including iPods, MP3 players and mobile phones.

Other features include a CD burner to burn recorded music onto MP3s or audio CDs; and a ringtone generator to create mobile phone ringtones from recorded music.

Radiotracker Platinum 4 is priced £19.99 and is available from PC World, Amazon, Staples, and directly from Avanquest Software.