is launching with the claim that it will make listening online more enjoyable than ever.

Currently in its beta form, Radiopaq features thousands of radio stations from around the globe, along with a comprehensive podcast library and dedicated news service - and is apparently dead simple to use.

The company says the free Radiopaq portal has been designed to help you find what you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it.

Thousands of radio stations from around the world are available to access now, from huge international to quirky, independent channels; more are being added every day, and these can all be searched by name, genre or region.

You can listen to your favourite shows whenever you like thanks to the Radiopaq Podcasts, while Radiopaq Snapshot gives you the latest news and weather information as and when it happens.

RSS feeds from Radiopaq Snapshot - featuring information from sites such as the BBC - and on-demand material from Radiopaq Podcasts mean that your music, news and other reference material can all be found and kept in one place.

Radiopaq is still in its beta format with new stations, podcasts and services being added on a daily basis.

A Mac compatible version of Radiopaq is under development, and will be launched soon.