Jays has launched the BlueStreamer 2, a stereo music adapter featuring Bluetooth technology that means a user can wirelessly connect to their mobile whilst listening to music.

It also includes an integrated microphone for handsfree operation to receive Skype calls via a PC with Bluetooth functionality.

Compatible with any MP3 enabled mobile phone supporting BT V2.0, BlueStreamer 2 automatically turns off music when a call is picked up and switches back when the call has ended.

Designed with a 3.5mm audio jack, users can connect the headphones of their choice.

Measuring 59 x 25 x 11mm, the device weighs 12 grams and includes a rechargeable battery, charged via the included USB cable.

Range is 10 metres while battery life comes in at 150 hours standby, 6 hours speech and 5 hours music.

Available in three colours – black, white or pink – the BlueStreamer 2 is priced £39.95 and is available now.