In the most recent Pocket-lint reader poll, which we like to think of as a vox-poppy snapshot of our readership's feelings on a topic, we were interested to know if you would prefer to buy an iPod touch or an iPod classic.

Although both devices are from Apple's mobile music range they are in fact quite different with the touch offering a 3.5-inch touchcreen and the classic following Apple's iconic older scroll-wheel design.

It seems that 59% of you are quite taken with the iPod touch, while 41% prefer the look of the classic.

The major difference between the two devices, apart from the user interface, is the capacity. The iPod classic boasts an Apple record-breaking 160GB of storage - enough, roughly speaking, for 40,000 songs.

The iPod touch maxes out at 16GB of storage, certainly more than respectable by flash-based standards but not a patch on the classic, but that glossy screen and Wi-Fi connectivity are real USPs.

Price-wise the 160GB classic will set you back £229, whereas the 16GB touch costs £269.

So it's interesting to see that the majority of the Pocket-lint readership, you tech-savvy early adopting lot you, would go for flashy over size and don't mind spending the extra.

With today's iPhone news in mind, the current Pocket-lint poll looks at whether you will change mobile phone operators to O2 to nab an iPhone, vote now for your voice to be heard in this next round...