Alba has launched the MP32GD11SIL and MP34GD11BLK, two new solid state MP3 players with a 4GB and 2GB capacity.

Square and compact, unlike flash-stick type players this design means that they can incorporate an SD/MMC memory card slot so that you can swap playlists or upgrade the memory.

They're available in black or silver and have a blue backlit LCD display, Alba has also chucked in a pair of in-ear headphones too.

They weigh just 34 grams and measure 5cm x 6cm x 2cm so will easily fit into the smallest pocket.

One AAA battery offers about 10 hours life and they can play MP3 and WMA files.

With prices at an almost disposable £22.99 for the 2GB version and £39.99 for the 4GB, they'd suit a role as a sports or secondary MP3 player rather well.