If you don't mind looking like you're wearing a pair of large-ish black plastic earrings, then these world-first earphones might be for you.

Etymotic has launched the Ety8 earphones, the industry’s first and only in-ear wireless Bluetooth earphones.

The Ety8 earphones work with iPods and other stereo Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and computers.

The lightweight Ety8 Bluetooth in-ear earphones claim to offer "detailed sound reproduction and unsurpassed noise exclusion, giving an exceptional acoustic experience".

Etymotic claim that the Ety8 earphones are comfortable to wear, even for long-term use.

They have a battery life of 7 to 10 hours of listening time and are perfect for use when you can't have tangled wires getting in the way.

The Ety8 earphones feature an "8Mate" iPod adapter which provides two-way communication with iPods.

This lets you control (amongst other functions) the volume, track selection and play/pause functions, and read settings on the iPod display — a feature unique to the ety8s.

Priced at £199.95, these earphones are available online from Apple's online store as of today.