If you get bored during those seemingly endless laps of the pool then this innovation could make a splash with you.

This gadget lets you listen to music underwater by using bone conduction to transmit sound waves from the cheek bones to the inner ear.

This apprently provides high sound clarity and is an improvement on other underwater methods that use air-conduction, which can result in muffled sound.

Two 100% waterproof "cheek pad transmitters" fit onto your cheekbones and attach to swim goggles or snorkeling masks and are connected to the MP3 player safe inside a 100% waterproof rubber case.

According to the blurb even the most vigorous swimming strokes will not interfere with the transmitters.

As you might expect, the MP3 player has only 256MB of memory and its rechargeable battery provides for only 4 hours of music - but that should be more than enough to get you through the morning swim.

The player is controlled from the left cheek pad and has volume, shuffle, and pause controls, it comes complete with USB cable and software.

$199.95, available via the link below.