Now you can battle the elements in comfort with these combined ear warmers and headphones for your iPod, MP3 player, CD player or other portable audio device.

The versatile Tec Stretch Earwarmer headphones fuse the warmth of ear warmers with the crystal clear sound of JVC headphones, yet remain lightweight and highly compactable - ideal for people on the move.

The outer shell and insulation work together to block wind and shed rain and snow while retaining heat. The next-to-skin lining ensures a dry, comfortable fit by wicking away moisture that may accumulate during high-energy activities.

The 180s JVC Earwarmer Headphones use a wrap-behind-the-head design and is adjustable to ensure a comfortable and secure fit - perfect for multiple sports, from running to snowboarding!

Four-way Tec Stretch features two layers of insulation – a lightweight fleece layer and Thermolite active layer – with a classic Polartec lining bound with Spandex for the stretchy feel. In a nutshell, they are even warmer and will also wick away excessive moisture when the earphones are used during sport.

They can be yours for £29.99 from, link below.