Qstik has released a resonably-priced Bluetooth headset designed to converge noise-cancelling, music listening, and VoIP.

The EVOQ Bluetooth DSP headset boasts bi-directional noise cancellation that Qstik says was originally developed for the military, as well as echo cancellation, and auto volume control.

The auto volume control adjusts the sound to compensate for ambient noise, while the acoustic shock protection ensures that you don't get deafened by an unexpected loud sound when using the headset for telephony.

The earbuds provide stereo sound, and high quality is assured thanks to support for Bluetooth A2DP.

The EVOQ can be used for VoIP calling with the option Bluetooth dongle and promises good quality audio as the noise canceller adapts to its surroundings, so you can move around into busier or noisy areas without losing clarity.

The EVOQ DSP Bluetooth headset is available now for £60, while the dongle costs £18; they can be purchased together for £70.