Ultrasone of America has released what it’s calling the world’s most expensive headphones, the $1500 Edition 9.

The headphones incorporate titanium-plated drivers to deliver “astonishing” sonic clarity and transparency. The ear pads are padded in Ethiopian sheep leather, which is good, because we wouldn’t want any bog-stand New Zealand sheep leather in our top-spec headphones.

They’re not designed for someone who needs to pack light because they’re travelling in steerage rather than up front; they come in their own metal attaché case.

Ultrasone’s S-Logic technology has been built into them, so that sound pressure is reduced by 40%, and electromagnetic field radiation is reduced by nearly 100%.

As for technical specifications, the headphones feature a frequency range of 8Hz-35,000Hz, an impedance of 30ohm, and a 3 metre cord.

These are limited edition headphones, so get yours while you still can from www.ultrasoneusa.com.