The company that teamed up with Sir Trevor Bayliss to create the Freeplay wind-up radio has used the same technology to power a digital radio.

Called the Devo Freeplay digital radio the unit is supposedly the only DAB radio on the market that is self-sufficient and doesn't need plugging into the National Grid. The radio promises distortion free sound when tuned in.

Its not all a big wind-up however as the radio will come with a mains adaptor for use at home, and this also charges it up for use when out and about.

The Devo has five presets, a scan and auto-tune function, non-slip rubber feet, a phones socket, a DAB/FM switch and stereo RCA output sockets for hooking it up to your home stereo or entertainment system.

When mains power isn't available, a 60 second wind of the winder-handle produces 1 hour of FM playtime or 5 minutes of DAB playtime. Those feeling lazy can opt to pack the model with six AA rechargeable Ni-M Batteries that come in the box.

The radio is available from and costs £110